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I was born in Venezuela of Hungarian parents, lived in Australia before entering primary school in the US. My secondary education was completed in the USA and Switzerland, and university degrees were obtained in the States and the UK. I studied International Relations because I wanted to understand people from all around the world.

My adult years continue to be a life-long learning experience, having bridged both the business and non-profit sectors and I now conduct academic research again working on a history of book burning.

A succinct contemporary description of me is one of social/educational entrepreneur. I have a very strong belief and commitment to education and have in the past, as now, contributed to this end primarily through publishing and the enabling of others to publish.

As part of the global publishing and educational communities I have been able to move into areas of policy work and advocacy. In particular I'm championing open access for scholarly books, devising and implementing new business models that are expanding the availability of new knowledge.

Most importantly I meet wonderful people everywhere, striving to make our world a better place.  I have both led and learnt in a considerable range of settings and remain committed to making a contribution and a difference.

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For twenty years Dr Pinter participated in various publishing industry activities, including sitting on the Publishers Association’s Governing Council and leading a number of trade delegations to China, Japan and Korea.


No stranger to hands-on project management, Frances Pinter organised a multi-donor project that reprinted three million textbooks in Kosovo within months after the ending of the war.