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International House Trust are owners of one of the world’s most prestigious and successful language schools in London. In addition the trust are co-owners of International House World Organisation Ltd – a network of 160 affiliated language schools in over 50 countries.

john haycraft
International House founder John Haycraft on the steps of 106 Piccadilly

International House is renowned globally as a leader in the field of language education. Founded by John Haycraft it pioneered innovative new methodologies in the teaching of languages.

Promoting international understanding through improved language skills has been the mission of International House throughout its life.

As CEO of International House Trust Ltd I oversaw a major management restructuring of the organisation. I also located and secured new premises for the London School, a 36,000 sq ft building in Covent Garden, as well as the financing for the project.

During the course of nearly seventy years a network of schools affiliated to International House has been developed, creating a unique institution. During this time International House earned a reputation for excellence in the field of language teaching and teacher training, helping to promote international understanding through education.

Today, International House trains thousands of students all over the world and helps language teachers maintain standards of excellence in their teaching.

‘Everyone who has worked with you has come to appreciate the extent of your experience, drive and insights for the tasks that faced you. The changes you have initiated under your leadership as Chair and Chief Executive have been achieved by patiently bringing everyone on side, explaining, appreciating and encouraging.

Looking back we can see we owe you a great debt and appreciate that your unrelenting efforts have largely resulted in turning IH round towards calm and optimism.’

Glen Davie
IH Trustee
International House Trust Ltd

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As part of IH’s 50th anniversary in 2003 Frances organised a special teacher training project in Kabul, introducing new language training methods.



With the Duke of Edinburgh 2003



50 years