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The London School of Economics and Political Science continues to play an important role in my life. As a student I benefited from exposure to a diverse and international student body. As an academic publisher I had the pleasure of interacting with the faculty as a supporter of innovative research and unorthodox ideas.

During 2000/2001, as a Visiting Fellow at the LSE’s Centre for Civil Society, I was presented with the opportunity to reflect on the position of global philanthropy and its role in funding global civil society.

Frances Pinter Bill Clinton

Frances Pinter with Bill Clinton at the LSE

Taking a comparative perspective on how the not-for profit sector operates and relates to business and government I published ‘Funding Global Civil Society’ in Global Civil Society: A Yearbook, Oxford University Press, 2001. Please click here to view as pdf.

I also drew on my field work experiences and wrote ‘The Role of Foundations in the Transition Process in Central and Eastern Europe’ published in Foundations in Europe, Bertelsmann Foundation, 2001 read more.

In 2006 I was again invited back to the LSE, this time as a Visiting Fellow at the LSE Global Governance. I worked with former Reuters journalist Marcus Ferrar on a book concerning Hungary in Europe, and have written about Creative Commons in a volume of the Culture of Globalization series.

In 2012 I ran a research project in the area of intellectual property rights and civil society, funded by the Leverhulme Trust after having run a project on alternative licensing practices in developing countries, funded by IDRC, Canada.

In 2018 I returned to the LSE to work on a long-held interest in the history and social significance of book-burning.

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Pinter Publishers was responsible for opening up new academic fields years ahead of their time, these include environmental studies, the social impact of new technology and unorthodox approaches to linguistics.

Many authors came from the LSE.





pinter ferrar

Frances Pinter with author
Marcus Ferrar